Foddies FAQs

You've got the Qs, we've got the As

What's happened?

You may have noticed that our online store is no longer available and our product range is considerably smaller than what we used to have available. Unfortunately, due to ongoing staffing issues as a result of the trading restrictions associated with the COVID lockdowns, we were forced to entirely shut our operations on 30 June 2023. As a result, we are no longer manufacturing products and the overwhelming majority of our product line has been discontinued.

Can I still get your products?

We have been able to find a local manufacturing partner to continue manufacturing frozen meals in partnership with us. As a result we have one frozen meal (our Thai Green Chicken Curry) available in over 500 Coles stores around the country. You can find your local store here

Will I be able to get your other products again?

The honest answer to this is: it depends. It depends on how well this product does in Coles. They have agreed to give it a go and are interested in taking on more products, but obviously they need to be sure that this existing product will sell before they take on any more.

We had close to 40 different products available for purchase before we were forced to shut down and would love to bring them all back. But that will depend on how well this one does.

I still have questions, what can I do? 

Shoot us an email at info@foddies.com and we'll do our best to help!