About Us


Foddies is a specialty food brand that produces a range of LoFo (Low FODMAP), gluten free and other healthy, free-from food. We offer a home delivery service throughout Melbourne and also have a range of products available in retail stockists through most of Australia.

We started Foddies after a challenging dating process. With our combined food allergies and intolerances, it was impossible for us to enjoy each other's company at restaurants or cafes for fear of an embarrassing reaction to food. We combined Chrissy's passion for cooking and knowledge of food with Luke's business experience to start a business to help people like us. 


Our mission is to change the world for people with food allergies and intolerances.


We opened our cafe after our online store proved to be a hit and people loved our products. The only problem was that there was nowhere to physically go and enjoy them! We wanted to give people a place to sit and relax when they ate our food - but we also wanted to build a larger range and offer sit-down options. 

Unfortunately we were forced to close our cafes permanently following the COVID19 pandemic and the trading restrictions that were put in place. When that happened, we created our online meal delivery service and had expanded our meal options to big bigger than ever!

With the ongoing staffing issues related to the COVID trading restrictions, we were forced to shut down our entire manufacturing operation in the middle of 2023. We have since been able to partner with a local manufacturing partner who is able to manufacture our frozen meals on our behalf. As a result, while our product range is considerably smaller than it's ever been, we're now able to offer one of our meals in the frozen section of over 500 Coles stores nationwide. 

Our stores will always have a special place in our hearts and we very much look forward to the day when, with all your help, we'll be able to bring them back into action!



Luke Lucas

Managing Partner
Luke is a long-time sufferer of irritable bowel syndrome, with a particular sensitivity to onions. He is still amazed at how many food products out there contain onion and misses all the foods he can't eat anymore. 
Luke is  passionate about giving people the freedom to be able to choose what to eat without having to become experts in food sciences or resort to googling various ingredients from the nutrition label. 
He is also a qualified and certified Financial Adviser and has previously owned and operated multiple businesses in the advice industry as well as multimedia and entertainment.


Christina Glentis

Operations Manager

Christina lived with - or suffered through - Fructose Malabsorption during her teenage years before being officially diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption and Lactose Intolerance at age 19.

Since then, Christina has developed a passion for creating new and innovative recipes to allow other Foddies to enjoy food once again. She is especially skilled at making fructose friendly food taste just as good - if not better! - as other foods.

Christina was also a registered and qualified healthcare professional and has a thorough understanding of the foods that Foddies should avoid.


Our mission is to unite and bring people together through freedom of food choic